My husband made a small animal run from a trampoline frame and it s very sturdy and durable. Made with galvanized steel & Stainless Steel. Great run for small animals (chickens, rabbits, etc.) has large opening (located in pic) to attach coup and or housing for animal. It is all screwed and bolted together, so it s not Coming apart. Small Mesh 100% covers it. Pick up in Brazoria
Cuckoo Maron Rooster Very sweet and hand raised We already have an established rooster for our chickens. Would like to just give him to a good home.
8 inches, very pretty decorative chichen plate,comes with plate hanger attached to the back.
92"wide, 41"deep, 51"tall at center. Can add dividers for housing separation, Chicken or rabbit coop possiblity. 75$ pick up wild peach, or can deliver for 25$. Plenty of run regardless of dog size
Pretty chicken picture for your wall and a matching tin basket for plant or storage