4x8 chicken house. Needs to be pressure washed and painted. 4 nesting boxes that you can access from the outside. Custom made - only asking price of materials to have it made. Only about 10 months old. 2 sliding windows with screens; metal roof. You pick up/move.
I bought this from tractor supply may 12th I needed to separate some quail in a hurry. Don't need anymore. Asking 175
This is a nice 8 ft long x 4 ft long x 3 ft high chicken coop. No hold commit to buy and pick up before the sun sets with your pickup near Angleton Texas
Premier Chicken Platform heater for your brooder. This is a critical item for your chickens, it has an internal heat thermometer that keeps you from roasting them if you know what I mean. I think I still have the box it came in. It takes care of up to 50 chicks and about 150 quail. This is a nice item to have no matter what the season for those critical two weeks of brooding.
I have a pair of buff orpington full-blood hens for sale about a year-and-a-half old. They lay a very large egg and is light brown. Very sweet hens and have been wormed organically. Pick up in Brazoria on County Road 489.
Very healthy white Japanese bantam pair hen and rooster about 1 year old. They stay together. She lays small white eggs and will go broody. Pick up in Brazoria on County Road 489.